My art defines who I am. I am an artist, although throughout my life self-doubt has often clouded this fact. My mother was an artist, my grandmother was an artist and now I embrace my legacy. I was born to create and to leave my mark.
Creativity takes courage. It is not easy to paint from the heart and expose my soul, to share and disclose what touches and moves me. Then again, I am compelled to create, it makes me come alive.
I delight in the natural world and have a strong connection to nature. My artwork stems from a deep desire to capture the beauty of what I see and my message is one of conservation and connection. I aim to reflect the colour, light, pattern and rhythm of this magical place of the West Coast of Tasmania. For me, colours evoke feelings, light emphasises form, and painting allows freedom of expression.
I use a variety of materials and mediums and my work evolves by layering to build up texture, pattern, colours and shapes. Often, it can be a process of trial and error but sometimes this produces amazing and magical results, inspiring me onto the next one.
I love to be inspired and to encourage others to discover their own creativity. I’m a huge believer in the magical power of art and I believe every one of us is a creative being!